Past Awards

2015 Awards

Using our five criteria, this year’s jury selected a winning film that exhibits outstanding filming technique both in editing, camera angle, and lighting to sustain an illusion central to the film’s plot. The common good fostered by the film is a society where persons are valued rather than denigrated, whether or not they fit into our socially constructed norms. Dignity is the privilege of all, not just some. The hope of creative transformation is realistically developed. A major character is first shown as strong, cheerful, successful, despite his challenges; as the plot develops, we see his deep vulnerability. The other major character must deal with her own prejudices, deciding whether or not they shall rule her life. Resolution–and creative transformation–comes through the courage of both characters to risk a new future. The jury gives the Whitehead Award to the Argentinian film, Corazon de Leon.

The jury gives honorable mention to another very high contender for top honor. This film pushes toward a society where women are viewed as persons within the public as well as the private sphere–a transformation that the film depicts as already occurring, already offering hope for continuing transformation into the future. This beautifully positive film is the Saudi Arabian contribution to our festival, the film Wadjda.

2014 Awards

2013 Awards

  • Jury AwardYour Beauty is Worth Nothing (2012), Austria, Director Huseyin Tabak
  • Audience AwardDearest (2012), Japan. Director Yasuo Furuhata
  • Audience AwardAlmanya (2011), Germany. Director Yasemin Samdereli

2012 Awards

2011 Jury Award

2010 Jury Award

  • Departures (2008), Japan. Director Yojiro Takita

2009 Jury Award

2008 Jury Award

2007 Jury Award

  • Tsotsi (2005), UK/S. Africa. Director Gavin Hood

2006 Jury Award

2005 Jury Award

2004 Jury Awards

  • Best Feature Film: Gaz Bar Blues (2003), Canada. Director Louis Bélanger
  • Best Film Short: Aftershock (2003), France. Director Michael Bergmann