Faith & Film Class


February 16-19, 2018
Professor Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki

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The class fulfills several purposes:  1) to increase our ability to understand the artistic merits in film; 2) to explore ways of utilizing films to probe issues of faith; 3) to serve as a jury for the 15th Annual Whitehead International Film Festival, deciding which of the ten feature films best meets the criterion of “Celebrating Films that Promote the Common Good.”

Criteria for Evaluating Whitehead Films

  1. Exhibits artistic excellence in screenplay, music, and filming technique.
  2. Promotes the common good, which is defined as a society in which persons and communities care for one another’s well-being.
  3. Exhibits sensitivity to the human situation, promoting the dignity of all.
  4. Fosters ecological responsibility as appropriate to the film’s content.
  5. Cultivates a realistic hope of creative transformation.

Class Schedule

Friday, February 16

10:00  Orientation to class, Screening of Ministry of Love (Croatia)
12:00  Break for lunch
1:30   Discussion of selection criteria and how to function as a jury.
2:00  Discussion of Ministry of Love
3:00  Class break
3:30  Discussion with Special Guest (Director)
4:45  Class ends.  Reconvene at 5:30 in Haddon Conference Room for champagne reception.
5:30   Champagne reception|
6:00   Opening Banquet.  Speaker: TBA
7:30  Screening of opening short, followed by feature, The Dark Horse (New Zealand)

Saturday February 17

9:00 Class discussion of The Dark Horse
10:00 Screening of short film, and feature, The Breadwinner  (Ireland).
1:00 Discussion of The Breadwinner.
2:00 Screening of short film, and feature, Pelle The Conquerer (Demark)
4:00 Discussion of Pelle The Conquerer
5:00 Class break.
7:00 Screening of short film,followed by feature, In Between (Israel)

Sunday, February 18

1:00  Screening of short film, followed by feature, My Love, Do Not Cross That River (South Korea)
3:15  Screening of short film, followed by feature, To Keep the Light (USA).
5:00  Supper Meeting in LemonTree Café:  Discussion of three films:  In Between; My Love, Do No Cross That River, and To Keep the Light
7:00 Screening of short film, followed by feature, The Net (South Korea).

Monday, February 19

9:00  Class discussion of The Net
10:00  Screening of short film, followed by feature, The Searchers (Canada)
1:00  Discussion of The Searchers
2:00  Screening of short film, followed by feature, The Violin Teacher (Brazil).
4:00  Supper meeting, discussion of afternoon film and determination of which film receives the Whitehead Award.
7:00 Screening of short film, followed by Ministry of Love  (Croatia)
9:00  Announcement of Whitehead Award.