Past Awards

2014 Awards

The jury for the 13th Annual Whitehead International Film Festival made a difficult choice among ten fine films, considering each according to the selection criteria. Finally the jury awarded its prize to a film whose artistic excellence is apparent not only in cinematography, but also in the use of music, poetry, and metaphors drawn from visual as well as linguistic imagery. In terms of the common good, the film draws attention to the plight of the immigrant and the need for community. Warmth of human interaction, genuine friendship, and kindness touch the places of loneliness, enhancing human dignity. Through music, poetry, kindness, and steadfast loyalty, creative transformation is not only possible, it is achieved. The jury gives the Whitehead Award to Shun Li and the Poet.

A close second is a film whose cinematography is outstanding, particularly in its use of light to convey not only the lack of physical sight, but the deep presence of insight, of seeing deeply into our humanity toward mutual transformations. The jury gives honorable mention to Touch of the Light.

The audience award went to the Indian film, English -Vinglish.

2013 Awards

  • Jury AwardYour Beauty is Worth Nothing (2012), Austria, Director Huseyin Tabak
  • Audience AwardDearest (2012), Japan. Director Yasuo Furuhata
  • Audience AwardAlmanya (2011), Germany. Director Yasemin Samdereli

2012 Awards

2011 Jury Award

2010 Jury Award

  • Departures (2008), Japan. Director Yojiro Takita

2009 Jury Award

2008 Jury Award

2007 Jury Award

  • Tsotsi (2005), UK/S. Africa. Director Gavin Hood

2006 Jury Award

2005 Jury Award

2004 Jury Awards

  • Best Feature Film: Gaz Bar Blues (2003), Canada. Director Louis Bélanger
  • Best Film Short: Aftershock (2003), France. Director Michael Bergmann

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